Family Enrichment is comprised of mature, women leaders who exercise good, sound judgment, good behavior, and who understand the condition of the church. Church mothers must also know how to control their home and children, and teach and exhort young persons in appropriate dress and conduct as becoming holiness. Moreover, Mother’s Band also conducts seminars concerning money management. This ministry also sees to it that the pastor and other ministers are respected by church members, and that the pastor's needs are supplied.

The Missionary Department is comprised of individuals who are well-informed in the Scriptures and can effectively teach church doctrine. Missionaries must work in harmony with the pastor and vision of the church. They help propagate and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, train new converts in being an effective witness for Christ, conduct home and street prayer meetings, and carry in-home & hospital visitations.

The Sunday School Department is devoted to ensuring members received sound, biblical Christian education to nurture them in their spiritual growth and walk with Christ.

Young People’s Christian Association (Y.P.C.A.) provides a forum whereby church leaders teach and provide activities for our youth. A variety of tools may be used to teach and encourage our children to live godly lives. The second Sunday in each month is our Youth Day.



























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